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Last Modified: 31 Jan 2022

Sleep Republic Review Verdict

Weight Petite Medium Heavy
Pressure Relief
Firmness 5.5
Price Rating:
Overall Rating: 8.7

What is a Sleep Republic Mattress?

The Sleep Republic has been in the mattress business for almost two decades. The answer to choosing may not be so evident for people who want a good night’s sleep and a comfortable mattress at a fair price. Leave technical terminology, marketing trends, deceptive assertions, and face-to-face “unable to remove” pop-up adverts to the professionals… As a result, when purchasing a new mattress, users should exercise caution.

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The Sleep Republic genuinely believes it and is well aware of its contents. The mattress is not made of beautified foam but rather a jumble of marketing jargon. The mattress is a medium-firm pocket spring mattress. More core support springs have been installed in the correct location. It has a soft and comfy feel about it, yet it is also robust and supporting. High-quality materials are designed and used by the staff.



Design & Construction

What goes inside the Sleep Republic mattress:

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  • 50 kilograms (Queen mattress)
  • 31cm in height
  • 1850 in the spring (Queen mattress)
  • 2.0mm, 1.9mm, and 1.8mm coil gauge (depending on the zone)
  • The total weight restriction is 400 kilograms (Queen mattress)

The ultimate hybrid experience, Sleep Republic combines various layers of materials such as natural latex. We combined decades of experience inventing, producing, and marketing mattresses to bring you the best hybrid mattress design. The brand went above and beyond the standard 630 springs in a Queen mattress, inventing 1850 individually pocketed springs that support you where it matters most, reduce partner disruption, and provide you with the rest you deserve.

The Sleep Republic Mattress has a medium firmness. What is the rationale for this? Because client feedback over the years has demonstrated that this is what the great majority of customers want (even years after purchasing one). Despite the widespread perception that perfect softness is required for a good night’s sleep, we have discovered that the dispute between foam and spring is irrelevant: a soft mattress will not suffice. Those choosing a substantial mattress should do the same. A tough mattress becomes noticeably thin only after a brief period of usage.

Sleep Republic mattress review

The Sleep Republic Mattress was built to provide support. The HD Pocket Springs provide stability, while the multiple layers of the mattress provide comfort. It’s the best of all worlds: neither too soft nor too stiff. Take our word for it, but don’t take it at face value. Try it for 100 nights for free and see it for yourself.

Everyone is equal at the Sleep Republic, and delivery is accessible everywhere. No extra fees, no add-ons, no matter what location or country you are in.

The compression technology used in the Sleep Republic Mattress is cutting-edge. For more straightforward transport, our mattresses are wrapped and packaged with wheels and handles.

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Size Sleep Republic Mattress
TWIN $629
TWIN XL $729
FULL $1039
QUEEN $1249
KING $1449

Firmness & Feel

How Firm is Sleep Republic Mattress?

Even more impressive is how comfortable the mattress is. The top cover’s fabric is silky. Between the cover and the mattress are a layer of gel-infused memory foam and natural latex. These layers function in a coalition to give excellent pressure relief. Our team has a firmness rating of 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the firmest). Please remember that our firmness ratings are intended to provide you with a reference and are not aimed to measure comfortability.

sleep republic mattress review

How comfortable are the Sleep Republic Mattresses?

Sleep Republic’s distinctive ‘high definition’ pocket spring technology is layered beneath the comfort layer. This support system has 1,850 individual springs, which quadruples the springs in a conventional Queen mattress. This mattress delivers excellent support and minimum partner disturbance because of its high spring count. While sleeping, the mattress is simple to move around on and responds well to natural body motions. Said, this mattress provides the perfect combination of support and comfort.

Mattress Performance

What makes the Sleep Republic unique?

The craftsmanship of the Sleep Republic Mattress is superb. It feels stable, and it should accommodate people of different sizes. The mattress’s perimeter is made up of high-tensile springs, which give excellent edge support. The brand offers a 100-night trial period and a 12-year warranty.

sleep republic mattress review

It has also been certified as non-toxic by CertiPUR-US®, one of the world’s leading foam and fabric testing authorities. Please remember that an adjustable (electric) bed base is not suggested using the mattress from this brand. 



The Sleep Republic Mattress is a fantastic mattress that our professional review team considers Australia’s best mattress in a box. It is well-balanced in terms of support and comfort, and it is reasonably priced. Congratulations to the company, a deserving 2021 award winner!

  •  Australia’s 2021 “Best Overall” Mattress in a Box
  • Pocket springs with high definition
  • Lovely layers of coziness.
  • Free trial for 100 nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is an order placed online, how long does it take for the Sleep Republic to organize for shipping?

For orders done, before 11 am in cities such as Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast will be delivered the next day. Delivery takes 2-5 days in most areas; however, delivery in remote places may take up to 8 days—all for free! Delivery of sheets, pillow, and dog beds will not be delivered until after the mattress has been delivered. Due to the increase in demand, inventories all across Australia are facing shortages. If a customer requires same-day delivery, they should call us before making an order to ensure that the item is in stock.

What is the '100 Night Trial' at the Sleep Republic?

Customers can try the mattress for up to 100 nights to make sure they like it, as crucial relationships should not be created quickly. If the customer is not completely satisfied after 100 nights, please tell the Sleep Republic, and the Sleep Republic will arrange for a free cost and refund. After that, customers should try to use the mattress for at least 14 days since, like any new relationship, it will take time for the body to adjust, even if the mattress is awful. However, if the customer realizes that the mattress is not suited for him, that is sufficient.

What kind of guarantee does the Sleep Republic offer?

The customer's mattress comes with a 4380-day warranty to cover any issues with craftsmanship or materials (that is, 12 years). A 3-year warranty covers the cushion against artistry and material faults. A 12-month warranty covers bed linen against manufacturing or material defects. To submit a warranty claim during the warranty period, please email the Sleep Republic at The terms and conditions contain all of the information about the warranty. In addition, the customer's welcome packet will include warranty information.

Is after pay accepted at the Sleep Republic?

Yes, Sleep Republic is eager to collaborate with you! Afterpay divides a customer's purchase into four installments. The first payment is made when the item is purchased, and the remaining payments are made every two weeks. Customers that pay on time won't be charged any extra fees. Late payment is the only cost of interest-free installments. Afterpay will send the consumer the payment schedule and a notification through email, ensuring no errors occur. Take advantage of quick approval and delivery. In a matter of seconds, customers will be notified of their acceptance. Orders will be shipped using other payment methods. Afterpay has a transaction limit of $2000; thus, orders over this amount will not be processed.

Is there a section of the Sleep Republic dedicated to sales?

There is, indeed. The goal of the particular sale area is to sell off some of the current season's merchandise so that the Sleep Republic can be restocked for the next season. But, of course, the quality of these things is so excellent that you will not be taken advantage of.

Is it possible to mix Sleep Republic Coupons?

No, Sleep Republic has its own set of rules for using coupons. For example, a customer can only use the Coupon once per order, and the Sleep Republic system will detect it, preventing the client from placing the order and requiring the client to re-select the Coupon Code.