Koala Mattress Review

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Last Modified: 25 Oct 2021

Koala Mattress Review Verdict

Weight Petite Medium Heavy
Pressure Relief
Firmness 4.8 6.5 9.5
Price Rating:
Overall Rating: 9.1


What is a Koala Mattress?

Is sleeping in your bed a nightmare for you? Koala Mattress, named after Australia’s famed sleepy animal, has taken a practical and environmentally responsible approach to help you get a better night’s sleep.


The Koala mattress is one of Australia’s most popular mattresses. They were one of the first companies in the country to revolutionize the direct-to-consumer mattress-in-a-box market. Unlike most other brands, Koala wants to keep things simple by only offering the Mattress. A matching timber bed foundation (beginning at $800) is also available, and some other bedroom basics like pillows and sheets. The Mattress is available for purchase on the company’s website. If you reside in a metro location, your new mattress might be delivered in as little as four hours if you order early enough. Continue reading for a detailed Koala Mattress review.

Customers generally like their mattress, but with new competitors offering more traditional materials, will they be able to maintain their position as the best?

Design & Construction

What are the materials used to make Koala mattresses?

Koala switched from a three-layer design to the present two-layer one in 2016. Dunlop foam is a more supportive mattress and more breathable as compared to latex and bamboo charcoal memory foam. The 6cm “Kloudcell” top comfort layer ensures a more comfortable sleep, while the Eco foam support layer is designed to be firm to add durability. The top-knit is constructed of a polyester/Eucalyptus blend (also known as TENCEL).


Friendly to the Environment

The Koala mattress is an environmentally friendly product. Their foams have been approved by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia). The company has gone above and above to ensure its product satisfies stringent requirements and passes high-quality assurance tests. The GECA certificate is only given to products that meet the most stringent environmental requirements. The Mattress is constructed without and does not contain the following materials, resulting in nearly zero emissions:

  • Substances that deplete the ozone layer (methylene chloride)
  • Heavy metal is a genre of music that is characterized by (mercury and lead)
  • Phthalates are a type of phthalate

Their mattress foam was studied throughout its manufacturing process, and the product’s production was environmentally friendly and ethical, with a lower impact on human health.

Mattress Layers: memory foam and foam mattresses

So, what is the composition of the Koala mattress? The bed has two layers beneath the cover. Kloudcell is on top (comfort layer). The open-cell foam architecture of this layer is one of its most distinguishing features:

  • It’s a 6cm thick layer.
  • Polyurethane foam is used to make this product.
  • Pressure is absorbed.
  • It is made to allow air to circulate throughout the mattress.
  • Allows the mattress’s heat to escape.

The second layer is the mattress’s Eco foam support layer, which consists of the following components:

  • It is a 16-centimetre thick ultra-resilient foam
  • Provides additional assistance
  • Ensures the mattress’ lifespan

Weight and thickness of a Koala Mattress

The Koala is comparable to other all-foam mattresses, weighing around 23.6 kg (for a queen-size). Because it is lighter than most hybrid mattresses, you can move it by yourself. While it comes to a case, we recommend enlisting the help of a mate or a friend to get it inside the room. It will be heavier and more difficult to move once it has been unpacked. Before you open it up, try to position it as much as possible.

It just takes a few moments for a mattress to inflate after it has been unpacked fully. When completed, all sizes should measure 23 cm in height. That isn’t quite the standard thickness in our file. However, robust crossbreed designs skew this value. 23-centimetres is plenty for all-foam mattresses to assist and soothe sleepers. It’s best to contact customer service if you see any plunges or indents following the extension


Size Koala Mattress
TWIN $750
TWIN XL $950
FULL $1000
QUEEN $1050
KING $1050

Firmness & Feel

What makes Koala Mattress the best mattress in Australia?

The Koala Mattress’ top cover is constructed of Polyester and Tencel® fabric, while the sides (and beneath fabric) are made entirely of Polyester. This cover is removable and washable. However, it has a rough feel to it.

The ‘dual foam’ layer architecture under this outer cover includes Koala’s ‘Kloudcell’ foam (which works as the top comfort layer) and support foam. Our experts gave it a ‘medium-firm support’ hardness rating and a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (with ten being the firmest). Please remember that our firmness ratings are only a guide and do not always correspond to comfort.

The reality is that this mattress is made up of two pieces of foam, despite Koala’s portrayal that it is pretty elegant. Hence, it isn’t inherently wrong, but we found the overall design somewhat dull.

The Koala Mattress has a bouncy, rubbery feel to it that doesn’t appear to be stable, especially while sleeping on your side. It provides adequate pressure relief, but we were unconvinced by its amount of spinal support or its durability.


How firm is the Koala mattresses?

Making it easy to buy a mattress by streamlining alternatives (in Koala’s instance, with a one-firmness-for-all design) helps restrict finicky sleepers. Koala claims that their research and focus groups helped it obtain the stiffness level “exactly right.”

They’ll provide you with a 120-night risk-free trial so that you may try the mattress at home. If you don’t enjoy your new bed after four months, you can return it for a full refund.

Return shipping is free for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth residents if you want to return it. If you live outside of specified places, you’ll have to pay for shipping to the city closest to you.

Read more about the features and specifications on Koala Mattress in the Ecosa vs Koala Mattress Comparison.

Sleeper Type Analysis

Back Sleeper

Back Sleeper


Koala offer a range of firmness options, while gravitating towards the medium-firm profile with the ability to get more support by flipping the top comfort layer. Overall, Overall, back sleepers were happiest, with stomach and side sleepers close behind

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper


These mattress are best for those that prefer a supportive feel in their mattress. If you are an average stomach sleeper, this mattress will likely work well for you. Koala offer a range of firmness options, while gravitating towards the medium-firm profile with the ability to get more support by flipping the top comfort layer.

Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper

With good firmness and excellent strength this mattress is not recommended for side sleepers.

Body Type Analysis


However, individual comfort level often depends on weight. Smaller side and stomach sleepers may find it too hard, especially if they’re used to a spring mattress.



This mattress is best for heavy sleeper with good support and high-level firmness

Mattress Performance

What’s it like to use a Koala mattress?

Koala mattress is made for “Everyone; and all shapes and sizes”. It “distribute weight equally and hence, does not sink or bend in the centre.” And you’ll find lots of user reviews online claiming that the support helps to relieve back discomfort. It makes the Koala perfect for those who sleep on their backs, sides, or stomachs. But, again, everyone is different, which is part of the fun of trying the Koala without risk. What do you have to lose?

Coming from a standard spring mattress with adaptive foam springs, my initial impression of the Koala mattress was how firmer it is. The Koala is considerably lower in height and closer to the floor without my previous topping. For a foam mattress, the edge support is adequate. Compared to a standard mattress, edge sleepers (and those who pull their shoes on at the side of the bed) will feel increased box edge droop.


All of the above took some getting used to, but it’s now the new normal. The Koala bed is one of many peoples’ favourites. It conforms just enough to be comfortable, but not so much that you sink in and lose support. The Koala does seem warmer as compared to the old pocket spring mattress. The Koala mattress’s anti-transfer characteristics were very appreciated in many families. Getting out of bed in the middle of the night to soothe your child has suddenly gotten a whole lot simpler. A secure fit on your bed foundation that prevents sliding movement is also essential.

It’s worth mentioning that Koala does not advocate using a mattress covering their mattress if you have small children. This is because you already have a detachable, hand-washable cover with a bottom zipper and because it would limit ventilation. You may even utilize your favourite old topper or electric blanket, but the same concerns with breathability may arise.

All Koala Mattresses have:
  1. Anti-Slip Bottom – this little gizmo reduces the movement of the mattress when placed on the bed frame.
  2. Anti-Bacterial Treatment – all mattresses have antimicrobial additives that help prevent the conditions that microscopic little monsters love.
  3. CertiPUR-US® – all our mattresses are tested to ensure they are made without formaldehyde, are low-VOC, and are free from nasty chemicals.

The Brand-New Koala Mattress

Review on the New Koala Mattresses

The New Koala Mattress is a beautiful foam mattress that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It has a convenient, customizable option that allows you to modify the stiffness levels to fit your personal preferences.

The New Koala Mattress, as the name suggests, is a redesigned version of the immensely successful (Original) Koala Mattress, which was first released in 2015.

The First Koala Mattress

The New Koala Mattress is the entry-level model in Koala’s new mattress lineup, including the mid-tier Koala Calm as mattress and the top Koala Soul Mate mattress.


Purchase and shipping

The New Koala Mattress, like another mattress in a box product, may be ordered online (through the Koala website) and delivered to your home. Because of this mattress’s new and improved design, it comes in two separate boxes, one for the mattress base and one for the flippable comfort layer – more on this later.

The delivery of the New Koala Mattress is free, and the mattress may be sent anywhere in Australia (see delivery schedules further down in our ‘Delivery’ section). Koala provides special same-day delivery’ to major metropolitan areas.

The New Koala Mattress

Because of the ‘2 boxes’ shipping system, extracting the New Koala Mattress from its packing takes a little longer (15-20 minutes) than competitors who are single boxed.’ As always, having two persons ready to unpack a mattress in a box is recommended.

The Koala toy was a pleasant touch, but we would have loved a cutting tool because removing the plastic wrapping wasn’t as simple as it was with some other bed in box products we’ve unwrapped.

We gave the mattress 24 hours to decompress before conducting our regular testing procedure. The New Koala Mattress may be seen in real life’ in Koala’s product film below:

The (Original) Koala Mattress was previously available for trial at Myer and ‘The Treehouse’ in Sydney. However, the New Koala Mattress is not currently available for testing in a showroom. The only way to try this mattress is through their 120-night trial period.

In terms of sheer aesthetics, the New Koala Mattress looks excellent with its clean, modern design. Its colour scheme is white and (light) grey, and its brand name label adds a great finishing touch. Koala’s attention to detail is evident in the brand label on the zip puller.

Mattress manufacturing

As previously stated, the New Koala Mattress is divided into two sections: a comfort layer and a base layer.

The separate comfort layer is 7cm deep and has a cover (1) comprised of Polyester (65%) and TENCELTM Lyocell fabric (35 per cent). This cover was intended for moisture absorption and breathability, and it appears to be well ventilated.

This outer cover protects a double-sided KloudcellTM comfort layer (2) of Polyurethane foam. This layer allows you to select between a medium-firm and a ‘firm’ feel.

The New Koala Mattress has a three-zone, high-density support layer as its base layer (3). It helps prevent the growth of germs and mould; this part has been treated with antimicrobial chemicals.

How does Customization work?

The New Koala Mattress includes a handy customization option that allows you to select the best comfort level for you.

The separate comfort layer is fastened with little cylindrical clips that constitute the beginning of a zip mechanism. This zip is quite simple to use, but it may require some patience – we discovered that a steady, delicate motion performed better than a powerful, forceful one.

Nonetheless, by unzipping and switching this comfort layer, you can choose between two hardness levels (firm and medium-firm).

This comfort layer has handy tags (at the bottom) that tell which side is firm and medium-firm. Flipping this top layer with one person should be possible, but it is much simpler with two.

Other popular mattress-in-a-box options with personalization include the Macoda Mattress, the Ecosa Mattress, and the well-known Sleeping Duck Mattress.