Happy Sleep Mattress Review

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Last Modified: 31 Jan 2022

Happy Sleep Mattress Review Verdict

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Overall Rating: 9

Happy-Sleep Mattress

About HappySleep Mattress

The Happy Sleep Mattress value for money mattress in a box option for a HealthySleep mattress option within your budget.

Its base construction consists of foam and latex allowing you to enjoy a healthy nap and get wholesome relaxation after a long tiring day.

The company offers a long trial period that allows you to first get used to the mattress and understand whether you will be able to get rested sleep or not.

Sleep Better

Though HappySleep Mattress cannot be customized it still gives you a sleep space that is comfortable and within your range.

Plus, you get the best sleep deal for a happy night every time by applying the coupon available on Super Saver Mama. Your anxiety about shopping for something new is brought to normal when you have a leading mattress and the right coupon to shop without worry.

Design & Construction


Restful Sleep with Healthy Sleep

It is one of the easiest mattresses to put out that you would come across. It doesn’t take much time and inflates without giving you backache. You don’t need professional help to place to move it around or set it up. All you need is yourself and your partner, that’s it.

Cooling Tencel

The HappySleep company provides an outer Tencel cover for the mattress which gives you a cool sleeping feel. This is especially great for people who live in warmer regions.

It also allows the already early wakers wanting to get a great sleep in a comfortable big bed to get the best they need. They don’t have to fight with the heat to fall asleep.

Comfortable Latex

The Tencel cover is strategically placed above the memory foam and natural latex layer. The comfort layers together give you a dese but evenly distributed pressurized mattress. The body weight adjusts gradually and there is no uncomfortable dipping or sinking of the mattress.

You would find comfortable and durable latex material being used.

Air Memory Foam

Taking a nap or getting a full night of comfortable sleep is easy when you gave the best memory foam to reduce pressure and let you nap without disturbance.

It adjusts according to your body and doesn’t take much more than a few days for your body to get used to it.

Base Layer Support

From the first night to 100-night count to the decade long sleep relationship, you will always get out of your bed fresh with the high-density support layer on the base of the mattress.

Leading Sleep Coaching Comfort and Sleep Support

It takes some time but after a few weeks, you will feel the back and spine adjusting with the top layer. Though As a heavy-weight sleeper you may feel sinking in deep into the mattress while at the same time light-weight sleepers may find it not that much sinking.

Partner Disturbance

Happiness is when you get to sleep without any disturbance in the same room and bed as your partner.

Hence, the mattress company has taken care of keeping the partner disturbance factor at a minimal considering its price factor.

The transition of sleep positions for the partners sharing the bed doesn’t disturb the other one. It helps especially when one partner stays awake and the other keeps sleeping.

Aesthetically Pleasing

You can remain calm considering that this mattress doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your room. It is simple but adds to the room’s decor. You can find it in turquoise and grey colour with embroidery that adds a soft touch to your room.

Firm but Soft

You will find the medium firm feel mattresses to be the most popular of all the mattresses that HappySleep has to offer.

They don’t cause stress while you sleep and also make your life easier in ensuring that you are able to make the big change within your budget.

Budgeted Mattress

Whether you have a baby or children of different ages, as parents you want to ensuring the babies and children get a bed or crib that is comfortable while sleeping and kids are awake.

At the same time depending on the family size and income you want to get a mattress for everyone that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You would find HappySleep offering a mattress for everyone in the family, making it easy for you to manage stress and life.

Happy Baby

Your baby would sleep for hours without any disturbance and the parents can take rest also. The child and the parents, everyone is happy and rested at the end. Even when the little one is transitioning to big kid bed, you would find it easy to find a comfortable mattress for them.

Overall Healthy Rest Quality

Sleep props that are within budget and of good quality don’t usually come in the same category. But the HappySleep sleep prop gives you a high-quality mattress and a healthy sleep night without burning a hole in your pocket.

Always Energized

You will always feel energized after getting up and the mattress would also ensure your baby wakes up fresh and happy. Many parents want something that allows their child to wake up fresh and rested, that is exactly what they would get.

Buy Now On Happy Sleep


Size Single King Single Double Queen King
TWIN $739 N/A N/A N/A N/A
TWIN XL N/A $799 N/A N/A N/A
FULL N/A N/A $899 N/A N/A
QUEEN N/A N/A N/A $999 N/A
KING N/A N/A N/A N/A $1199

Mattress Performance

100 Night Trial

While choosing a mattress for the little one or for yourself, you want to be sure of what is the best for everyone.

That’s why you get a 100 night trial whether you want HappySleep your bed and for your child or not. Naps and bedtime routine everything can be tested with much less stress with this trial period.


If your baby or child fall asleep without much issue and approve this for their bed, you can keep the mattress or send it back. We believe there would be no dreaded fall for the child while they sleep and waking up for the baby and little ones wouldn’t be a problem.


If you don’t like the mattress, you can send it back and claim a full refund. You get a full refund if you don’t want to keep the mattress. The sleep company allows you to make the return without any issue.

COVID Regulations

At this point, due to COVID-19, you would find a few rule and regulations being applied to the 100-night trial policy.

HappySleep Pricing

From all the mattress in box options the sizes you would find here don’t compare to the rest and make naps peaceful for people of all age.

You would find only a difference of $100 between two sizes and only a difference of $60 between the King single and single mattress size.

The price range
  • Single $739
  • King Single $799
  • Double $899
  • Queen $999
  • King $1199

You can always save more on the mattresses by applying the HappySleep discount codes which you would find on Super Saver Mama.

Free Delivery

Except for Tasmania, you would find the mattress company offering free delivery. You will also get same-day delivery if you place your order between 2 pm to 6pm and before 12 pm AEST.

Melbourne Metro Delivery

For most of the week, you would get same-day delivery in Melbourne and other areas but if ordered on a weekend, you would receive it on a Monday.

Same Day Metro delivery zone

For most places beyond the same-day delivery, you would find our sleep perfection mattresses take a few days to get there. Mostly it would take two to five working days for Sydney metro. While 7 to 10 working days for Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, and Perth metro.

HappySleep Finances

Thought strategically priced, you may find the budget getting out of hand. No need to worry as you have the finance options to help you pay for your mattress with ease, whether it is a queen mattress or any other size. You will easily be able to make the purchase.

Purchase Now, Pay Later!

The sleep company offers you Afterpay options such as the 4-fortnight interest-free plan. You can sleep in peace and pay up without any issue. Then you also have the ZipPay and interest-free plan of 6 months.

How to Purchase HappySleep?

By visiting the HappySleep website, you can easily place your order online.

It is a simple process, you will also find a relevant coupon from Super Saver Mama to apply. Purchasing online with a coupon lets you save on the mattress and loosen up your budget without any issue.

The mattress arrives in the promised timeframe.

Decompress and Sleep

No matter what age, two adults can easily unpack the mattress and leave it for at least 24 hours to decompress. After it is done decompressing, you can start using it without any issue.


Final Sleep Verdict

HappySleep Mattresses may not sound like a fancy option but be sure that it is comfortable, offers great value for money.

You get great financing options, a budgeted mattress, free delivery, and a great sleep by choosing this mattress for yourself and your family.

You can also register your e-mail on their website to get any more sleep deals. Plus, you always have the Super Saver Mama discount codes to help your sleep better.

HappySleep Mattress Coupon

You will always find the latest coupon being offered on the leading coupon website. It is one of the leading shopping tips you would come across.

Super Saver Mama

By applying the HappySleep discount code from Super Saver Mama, you will get a discount even without a sale on the mattress. Super Saver Mama is always updating the discount codes they have to offer, you will always find the leading codes for not only HappySleep but for other leading stores such as Sleeping Duck, Regal Mattress, and so much more.

Other saving tips include trying the HappySleep mattress out and then deciding whether you really want it or not.