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Last Modified: 31 Jan 2022

Eva Mattress Review Verdict

Weight Petite Medium Heavy
Pressure Relief
Firmness 10 10
Price Rating:
Overall Rating: 9.2

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

The following are our ratings for each category:

Support: 4.5 / 5

C0mfort: 4.5 / 5

Construction: 4 / 5

Partner Disruption: 4 / 5

Value for Money: 5 / 5


  • Free delivery
  • 120-night trial
  • 12-year warranty

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About Eva Mattress:

The Eva Mattress has only been available for several years, but it has skyrocketed to become one of Australia’s most popular online mattresses. It is a great ‘all-rounder’ that offers excellent value.


Eva Mattress is a mattress and bedding company based in Australia that offers a 120-night risk-free trial on their high-quality mattresses. Since its inception, Eva Mattress has been committed to providing its customers with the greatest products that they may be pleased with at a reasonable price. Eva Mattress is all about offering you high-quality products made from the best materials available to provide you with a distinct sensation of comfort. Eva Mattress employs a team of sleep experts who examine and build the world’s most fantastic mattress. Using revolutionary technology, they attain a degree of comfort and care that is truly unparalleled. Eva Mattress has always been and will always be committed to providing you with the greatest possible product at the best possible price.

Choosing a comfy mattress is a personal decision, and if you share a bed, you should make this decision together. The most dependable approach to discover if a mattress is good for you is to sleep on it for at least 30 nights. This is because it can take up to a month for your body to adjust to a new, more comfortable mattress. Most online mattress retailers allow you to do so over a trial period. If you buy a mattress in a store, you won’t have this option.

Eva Mattress is sent in an empty and sealed box, making it easy to transport and set up. The products are delivered one at a time. Eva Mattress AU (evamattress.com.au) is a smaller mattress manufacturer that competes with Tempur-Pedic, Tuft & Needle, and Mattress Firm. Unfortunately, Eva Mattress AU is one of the less active companies when it comes to offering discount coupons on their website.

To save money, use our most recent Eva mattress coupon code, current Eva mattress deals, and Eva Mattress coupons. There are presently many wonderful discount codes available, and you can save 40% this month by using the Eva Mattress fantastic coupon coupons. The Eva Mattress is a premium hybrid mattress that provides all of the benefits of a luxury mattress at a fraction of the price.


The products of Eva mattress au revolve around several sorts of mattresses. The Eva Mattress is a one-of-a-kind mattress. The Eva Mattress is a hybrid mattress with a 120-night risk-free trial period. The mattress features a 5-zone pocket spring technology on top of a latex and memory foam layer. These layers collaborate to support the body’s high-pressure regions, providing significant comfort while increasing ventilation and minimizing partner disturbance. The Eva Mattress is a four-time award-winning mattress that has garnered multiple honors and distinctions from various experts.

Design & Construction

Eva’s Specifications

The following video made by Eva Mattress themselves shows the mattress up close for all you buyer looking for a great mattress:

Materials of High Quality

The Eva Mattress has concentrated on supplying additional materials found in high-quality mattresses at a low price point. Pocket springs and a micro-coil matrix are two of these qualities. Both of these technologies are commonly found in premium mattresses and perform an excellent job of supporting the spine while limiting motion distribution so you don’t wake your companion.


1) The Top Cover

The Eva mattress’s top cover is constructed of soft, elastic polyester with extra top-level quilting. It’s OEKO-TEX certified, which means it’s been tested and proven to be free of dangerous chemicals.

2) Gel-infused memory foam

The second layer is constructed of a thin open-cell gel memory foam with millions of gel beads. This material is touted for improving ventilation through the mattress (rather than trapping airflow) and for assisting in temperature regulation by distributing heat away from the body, to the colder extremities of the mattress and preventing you from waking up in sweats. According to the manufacturer, this layer also gives some pressure relief to assist ease back pain and promote circulation.

3) High-Quality Natural Latex Foam

The third layer is an eco-friendly latex that is inherently dust-mite resistant and antibacterial, making it an excellent solution for allergy and asthma patients. The latex layer also has an open-cell and pinhole structure, which makes it extremely flexible and breathable. Latex is also more resistant to deterioration than most natural materials.

4) Density foam

The fourth-density foam layer supports the top layers of the mattress by absorbing extra weight and equally distributing pressure. The firmness of the mattress is determined by the density of the foam mattress, and the Eva mattress clearly has a medium-firm feel of seven or eight out of ten (one being very soft and 10 being very hard). If you sleep on your stomach and want to keep your spine aligned, this is the best alternative (instead of slouched in a soft mattress). However, this may not be as comfy for side sleepers.

5) Pocket spring with five zones

The Eva mattress also has pocket springs, which are intended to reduce partner disturbance by isolating motion transfer, or the impacts of your spouse’s tossing and turning on the upper layers (where you sleep). The five-zone pocket spring also relieves pressure and improves comfort, with each pocket spring individually wrapped in a cloth to improve airflow and reduce sleeping disruptions.

6) Edge Support

This portion contributes to the mattress’s structural and structural integrity. It has strong springs along with the side pockets and hard edges to support the mattress, so you won’t tumble off the bed in the middle of the night if you lie on the edge or sink down if you sleep in the middle.


Size Eva Mattress
TWIN $ 600
TWIN XL $ 700
FULL $ 800
QUEEN $ 900
KING $ 1,000

Firmness & Feel

Eva Mattress Specifications

Memory Foam Gel: This material conforms to your body to disperse heat and provide pressure relief, and it is infused with millions of gel beads to keep the optimum temperature throughout the night.

Eva mattress memory foam gel

Latex of Natural Origin: Eva’s latex is naturally antibacterial and dust-mite resistant. It can flex and breathe because to its open cell and pinhole structure.

Foam of High Density: Density foam provides the mattress with the ideal level of firmness for maximum comfort and support.

Coil Gauge: 1.8mm and 1.9mm on the ends, and 2.2mm on the sides

Cover: Polyester, Our 100% polyester cover provides a long-lasting and breathable surface.

Pocket Springs: 5 Zones, which reduce partner disturbance, so tossing and turning won’t disrupt your sleep (or the sleep of your co-sleepers).

Latex of natural origins

The open structure allows air to circulate freely, resulting in a cooler night’s sleep. A complete block of foam, on the other hand, acts as a barrier to ventilation and traps heat. This causes the mattress to become hot, especially in the Australian summer!

Sleeper Type Analysis

Back Sleeper

Back Sleeper


With a great amount of support provided by the mattress, Eva mattress is great for people who sleep on their backs and need extra back support.

Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper

With a moderate support requirement, Eva mattress might not be the first priority for such sleepers.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper

Eva mattress is not recommended for stomach sleepers because stomach sleepers need a softer mattress and Eva is extremely firm.

Body Type Analysis


Worst choice for light sleepers


Might not work for every medium sleeper



Best for heavy sleepers

Mattress Performance

Sizes that are available

The Eva Mattress comes in five sizes (king, queen, double, king single, and single size), so it should fit most sleeping arrangements. Here are the normal bed (mattress) sizes in Australia in 2021.

Eva Dimensions:


King Size Bed:

The dimensions of a king-size mattress are 76 inches by 80 inches.

12 feet by 12 feet is the minimum suggested room size.

Sleeping in a king-size bed is the epitome of luxury. There is enough space for two people to spread out and sleep in their own place. It has 4 inches more breadth than the California King but is 4 inches shorter in length. King mattresses are the largest common size available, making them an excellent choice for families—if parents wish to co-sleep with their children, this size can accommodate them.

The king-size also has a split option, which is two Twin XL mattresses laid side by side. The split king option is ideal for couples who have diverse mattress preferences because it allows them to have two different mattresses in one bed to meet their specific demands. This design is also appropriate for adjustable beds that have the split-side capability.

Double Size Bed:

54″ x 75″

Room dimensions should be at least 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches.

A full-size mattress is ideal for a solitary sleeper. A full-size mattress may not be a good choice for a pleasant sleep for a pair, but for an individual, it provides enough space to sleep comfortably and also fits into most rooms without looking cluttered. This size is also suitable for use as a spare bed.

Queen Size Mattress:

This is a normal mattress size because it sleeps two people comfortably and fits in most bedrooms. A king-size mattress is an ultimate pleasure if you have the space! Ideal for when you need to take care of a large number of co-sleepers, such as pets or children.

Twin XL Bed

80 inches by 38 inches

Room dimensions should be at least 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches.

This size is 5 inches longer than the usual twin size, making it a good option for taller people. When you need to accommodate extra guests on short notice, the twin XL size is always a smart alternative. It won’t be difficult to keep one as a spare because they don’t take up much space and are less expensive than a queen or a full.

Single Mattress:

Ideal for a child’s room or if you have limited space.

Because it is longer than a single, a standard king single mattress is suitable for adults who require a mattress that will fit into a small room. It’s also a wonderful option for children who are growing quickly.

Believe it or not, a double mattress is shorter than a single king mattress. However, because double beds are larger, they are ideal for two people.

Purchase and shipping


The Eva Mattress, like other mattress-in-a-box products, may be ordered online (through the Eva website) and delivered to your door in a small box. Eva provides free and fast delivery throughout Australia (except to the Northern Territory). Delivery times are listed below in the ‘Delivery’ section.

Eva’s sturdy pocket spring system contributes to the box’s weight. When moving and unpacking the box, use caution because it can ‘burst out of its packaging quickly. Having said that, taking the mattress out of its box and wrapping is simple. We recommend having two persons at present unpack a mattress in a box, as is customary.

The Eva Mattress should take about 5-10 minutes to unpack, and we allowed it to decompress for 24 hours before testing. This mattress may be seen in ‘real life’ in our video review here:

The Eva Mattress is well-presented with a sleek, modern style. It has a grey and white color scheme, as well as a blue brand name label.

The Finer Points

The Eva Mattress is well-made, and the build quality is excellent. It has good edge support and sturdy side handles, making it considerably easier to carry and spin. As previously said, the Eva Mattress is fairly hefty (55kgs, Eva Queen mattress size), thus you will most likely want the assistance of two persons to transport this mattress.

The Eva Mattress comes with a 120-night trial period, which gives you plenty of opportunities to try it out in the comfort of your own home. It also comes with a 12-year warranty.

What kind of bed base should I get?

We recommend that, like with other mattresses, the Eva Mattress be used with a sturdy bed frame (such as the Sleep Republic Pro Foundation) or a solid ensemble base (with the slats no longer than 8 cm apart).

A bed frame (with flexible slats) may still be suitable, but the distance between each slat should be less than 8 cm. In most cases, using an unsupportive mattress base will void the mattress guarantee.

Furthermore, we do not advocate using the Eva Mattress with an adjustable (electric) bed foundation because it will void the warranty. Here is our complete list of mattresses that can be used with an adjustable bed base.

It’s important to note that mattress firmness, performance, and durability will vary depending on the bed base.


  1. $1,000 for a king-sized mattress
  2. $900 for a Queen Mattress
  3. $800 for a double mattress
  4. $700 for a King Single Mattress
  5. $600 for a single mattress

Eva Mattress Certifications

CertiPUR-US® Approved

All of the foams used in Eva mattresses are Certipur-US® certified, ensuring that they are safe and non-toxic. SGS approved gel memory foam pillow and mattress and base support foam.


The final word

Overall, the Eva Mattress is an excellent purchase. It has a wonderful blend of comfort and support and is extremely affordable. It is also non-toxic, so you can be confident that it is safe to bring into your home.

Who Is This Mattress Suitable For?

This is an excellent all-around mattress that should endure for many years. It is ideal for folks who sleep on their backs or stomachs and are of ordinary or greater size. Those who favor soft mattresses may find them less comfortable than they had planned.

  1. Couples and people sharing their beds with their kids or pets (zero partner disturbance)
  2. People with back pain (alleviates pressure points)
  3. Back and side sleepers (you won’t feel pressure in sensitive areas)
  4. Amazing for sex (very responsive and bouncy)
  5. Hot sleepers (breathable and cool)
  6. Lighter and heavier sleepers
  7. People struggling with falling asleep (it’s super comfortable!)

Similar Brands:

If you are looking for mattresses similar to Eva Mattress to buy; read our reviews of the following brands: Koala Mattress, Ecosa Mattress, and Sleeping Duck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery charge for the Eva Mattress?

Anywhere in Australia is free of charge for delivery. This means you don't need a coupon code to enjoy free delivery; add your purchases to your evamattress.com.au shopping basket and go to checkout to enjoy free shipping. Learn more about Eva Mattress's free shipping in Australia.

Is it possible to return the Eva Mattress for free?

Free refunds are available under certain conditions.

What is the mode of payment?

Eva mattress provides free next-day delivery! VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal are all accepted by Eva Mattress.

How long will it take for my bedding to arrive?

Your sheet set/duvet set will be delivered in 3-5 business days through Australia Post.

What is the best way for me to keep track of my order?

You'll be kept informed every step of the process! In addition, a text message with GPS tracking will be sent to metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

What is the warranty period?

Mattresses are covered by a 12-year warranty, while a one-year warranty covers sheets, duvets, and pillowcases. In addition, the Eva pillow is covered by a two-year warranty, while a five-year structural warranty covers the Eva timber bed base.

What is Eva's policy on returns?

If you are not pleased with your Eva product within 120 days of purchase, please contact Eva Mattress, and they will assist you in arranging a return and refunding your total payment to Eva Sleep Pty Ltd. The 120-night trial is valid throughout Australia. Return shipping is paid for metro Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth consumers, but you may need to arrange it yourself for their rural consumers. Please note that you will not be entitled to a return or refund if you do not utilize Eva Mattress goods as intended and cause damage as a result.

When will I get my money back?

Eva Mattress will issue a reimbursement once the product has been received at one of their warehouses or linked charity and has met the specified conditions. The refund will be applied to the credit card or account used to make the purchase. If you paid with interest-free credit, your provider might impose additional fees. You must be a full-paying client to be eligible for a return or refund, and you must produce evidence of purchase to complete the return.