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Last Modified: 31 Jan 2022

Ergoflex Mattress Reviews Verdict

Weight Petite Medium Heavy
Pressure Relief
Firmness 8.5
Price Rating:
Overall Rating: 9.5

What is Ergoflex?

Ergoflex mattress is the first low-cost memory foam mattress challenger to industry leader TEMPUR® to provide a real like-for-like equivalent level of specifications and performance. For the convenience of our customers, Ergoflex was among the first to compress, pack, vacuum-seal, roll, and box our mattresses. Ergoflex pioneered the ‘we only offer one ideal mattress’ business model in several sizes, pledging to offer directly to the consumer exclusively, rather than supplying actual retail chains, guaranteeing that the savings were transferred straight to the client.

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Ergoflex was the first to sell a single-mattress line with single, high-performance specifications at a high-value pricing point. Ergoflex were the first to provide all of this in a digitally, direct-to-customer approach, eliminating the conventional middleman (and their charges) and permanently simplifying the mattress purchasing process. All of the processes that ErgoflexTM pioneered a decade earlier have become standard operating procedures in the online mattress market.

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Every ErgoflexTM mattress comes with a ten-year warranty. They know their mattresses go the distance in real-world circumstances rather than factory-created test situations since Ergoflex has been selling them under the ErgoflexTM brand for that long.

Our decade of offering ErgoflexTM mattresses to the world has resulted in thousands upon thousands of five-star evaluations across a variety of independent consumer platforms throughout the world, as well as millions upon millions of nights of amazing sleep.

Design & Construction

How does the ErgoflexTM 5G mattress work?

The ErgoflexTM 5-layer memory foam mattress comprises superior components that work together to provide the most supportive, comfortable, and pressure-relieving mattress we’ve ever manufactured.

The TENCEL® outer cover is lush, natural, and breathable, while the inner layer covers and protects the whole mattress core.

A 9cm top layer of real high-density visco-elastic memory foam provides support and no partner disturbance, assuring uninterrupted sleeping for both users. The ErgoflexTM 5cm Cool-SleepTM airflow system provides airflow and temperature management at the mattress’s core. Our resistant foundation layer supports it, which ensures appropriately weighted support for the higher layers and long-term performance.

The natural component in the Ergoflex Mattress:

ergoflex mattress

Every Ergoflex Mattress is attractively wrapped in a TENCEL® cover. TENCEL® is a natural wonder-material that exceeds organic cotton, even the most hi-tech synthetics in moisture-wicking and breathability. It’s powerful and long-lasting, yet it’s also wonderfully smooth and smooth to the touch.

TENCELenhanced ®’s moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties offer an excellent, comfortable surface that promotes uninterrupted, blissful sleep night after night throughout the year.

TENCEL is inherently anti-bacterial due to its cellular integrity and offers considerably more excellent sanitary performance than synthetics that do not require chemicals. This blend of functionality and purity makes TENCEL® an ideal material for Ergoflex Mattress.

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Size Ergoflex Mattress
TWIN $650
TWIN XL $685
FULL $944
QUEEN $1049
KING $1224

Firmness & Feel

How Firm is the Ergoflex Mattress?

This cover is placed on top of Ergoflex’s trademark ‘Visco-Elastic Memory Foam,’ which is 9cm thick, considerably thicker than any other memory foam bed on the market. This layer of memory foam provides a distinct spongy, thick sensation, unlike many innerspring mattresses. It gently absorbs body weight while still providing enough relief from pain in all sleeping positions.

Based on our testing, our team gave it a ‘firm’ feel and an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm). Please keep in mind that our hardness ratings are just guidelines and may not always correspond to comfort.

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How comfortable is the Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

The Ergoflex Mattress is unrivaled in terms of back support. There is no visible lowering or bending, and the mattresses should retain proper spinal alignment in all postures.

It’s worth mentioning that Ergoflex Mattress has a comparable feel to many TempurTM mattresses, making it a viable choice for clients who desire the feeling of such a Tempur mattress but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars.


Mattress Performance

What are the advantages of using the ErgoflexTM Mattress?

The Ergoflex Mattress is an actual high-density orthopedic pressure-relieving mattress with thermally responsive performance that conforms to your precise body shape. The Ergoflex Mattress automatically adjusts to support and relieve pressure areas (such as the lower abdomen, hips, and shoulders). It delivers instantaneous and unmatched ease that lasts the whole night by providing continuous support throughout the entire sleep surface.

The ErgoflexTM dense elastic memory foam, constructed with billions of spherical particles open cells, gives the ideal amount of support and longevity, moving responsively under your weight to provide a body-cradling support security layer night after night, year after year.

The open-cell foam and Cool-SleepTM airflow technology situated in the very heart of the Ergoflex Mattress promotes air to flow within the material, making you feel more relaxed than a standard memory foam mattress quickly. This, paired with our innovative TENCEL® fabric cover that acts as an outer layer, ensures a restful night’s sleep every night.

Ergoflex mattress review

Cool-Sleep™ airflow system
  • Orthopedic pressure-relief.
  • Motion transfer is ruled out. There is no disruption to the partner.
  • Layered composition using unique components, including the highest performance density levels accessible – No comparable-priced alternative comes close.
  • HD visco-elastic foams provide excellent health advantages and are utilized in hospitals across Europe.
  • Ideal for those who have back discomfort, fibromyalgia, circulation issues, or joint discomfort.
  • Asthmatic and allergy-friendly — Hypoallergenic plus anti-microbial besides bed bug and allergen resistance.
  • Strong ILD (indentation load deflection) grade — on par with the most expensive TEMPUR® alternative.
  • OKEO-TEX® 100 and CertiPur-US® 100 certified. They are manufactured by BS 5852 & BS 7177 Eu safety standards.

ergoflex mattress review

What distinguishes Ergoflex?

The Material Density with the Highest Grade:

Actual HD ACPTTM Foam 5th Generation for class-leading performances and lifespan.

Airflow System Cool-SleepTM:

For chilly evenings, the inner core layer regulates temperature.

A tried-and-true ten-year warranty:

The only mattress-in-a-box company with a more extended history than the warranty.

Long-Term Customers’ Trusted Reviews:

Rather than transient initial impressions, our evaluations are genuine, honest feedback.

Customer Service that is easily accessible and helpful:

We’re here when you need us, whether you’re considering purchasing or a long-term customer.


The Ergoflex Mattress is an excellent choice in the online mattresses market, particularly for people who like the distinct sensation of memory foam. It excels in spinal support and has the “longest commercial operation” in the Australian mattress in the box sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact ErgoflexTM?

How can I contact ErgoflexTM? Ergoflex may be reached at 1300 791 753, seven days a week, between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ergoflex takes pleasure in our personalized service. Ergoflex will attend to any question and assist you in making the best choice when purchasing a new mattress. You may also contact Ergoflex at

What makes the ErgoflexTM memory foam mattress superior?

ErgoflexTM is Australia's as well as the United Kingdom's first mattress-in-a-box company, and they've built a reputation for high-quality goods and excellent service in the past 13 years we've been in business. Ergoflex foam mattress has much superior material specifications than any competition in this price range. Ergoflex continues to be the only company in our category that has been in business longer than our guarantee term, demonstrating that our mattresses live up to their claims in the actual world.