Sleeping Duck vs Happy Sleep – Mattress comparison

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Last Modified: 09 Nov 2021
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Design & Construction

Sleeping Duck:

The Sleeping Duck Mattress begins with a cover made of a bamboo fabric called ‘BreathTech.’ This is the first layer of the mattress. A unique design for ventilation and comfort, this garment feels soft & durable while still being sturdy. Besides being detachable and washable, this cover is also an essential component of the customization process.

This BreathTech cover is placed over an ‘AntiGravity Surface Foam’ and a ‘ComponentAdapt Customisation’ layer, both located beneath the surface foam. In this mattress, the ComponentAdapt layer is responsible for controlling the firmness of the mattress, but it is this layer that can be customized.

These comfort layers are placed on top of a multi-zoned pocket spring system (the ‘Motherboard’) that should accommodate people of all body types. This spring unit has a solid and responsive feel to it, and it provides excellent spinal support throughout all sleeping positions, including side sleeping.

Happy Sleep:

Layers present in a HappySleep Mattress:

Tencel is a breathable fabric that keeps you cool.

Our Tencel top layer is superior to cotton in that it is cooler, smoother to the touch, and more breathable. Tencel is a natural bacteriostatic fiber that is produced from natural wood pulp and is environmentally friendly.

Latex with a bouncy feel

The HappySleep Mattress does not include any gimmicky fancy-named foams. In terms of comfort layer materials, latex is a proven and established option that is robust and reacts actively to the body’s pressure. Our pinhole latex is specifically intended to keep you cool while you work.

Air Memory Foam is a kind of memory foam that has a pleasant feel to it.

Memory foam offers the greatest pressure relief available in the industry and is responsible for the HappySleep Mattress’s decreased partner’s disturbance characteristics.

Base Layer that provides support

The high-density support foundation layer of your HappySleep Mattress guarantees that it will endure for many years to come.

Firmness & Feel

Sleeping Duck:

The medium-firm version of the Sleeping Duck Mattress provides excellent pressure relief and is well-balanced in its overall feel. Even though it is a little softer than some of the other medium versions that we have tested, it still provides a great deal of support.

On the firmness scale, we gave the medium version a rating of 5.5 out of 10. (where 10 is the firmest). Please remember that our firmness ratings are only intended to serve as a guide and do not necessarily correlate to comfort.

The version in the middle

As you might expect, the firmer version is firmer than the soft version (than the medium option). It maintains a good balance between comfort and support, and it responds well to changes in body position. It does a good job of maintaining body position and does not show any signs of dipping or sinking. On the firmness scale, we gave the film version a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Firm Version is the most recent version of a software program that is used to perform a task.

If neither the firm nor the medium firmness options are to your liking, you can request ‘extra firm’ or ‘soft’ foam layers to be added to the mattress to make it firmer to your liking. A noticeable difference can be felt when choosing the extra firm option, which is generally more suitable for back sleepers.

On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, we gave the extra-firm version an 8.5 out of 10. It is important to remember that our firmness ratings are merely suggestions, and they do not necessarily correlate to comfort.

Extra-Firm (Extra-firm) Version

The soft variant provides a great deal of pressure alleviation and will usually be more suitable for people who exclusively sleep on their side or stomach. On the firmness scale, we gave the gentle variant a rating of 4.5 out of 10.

The version in Soft Format

Irrespective of whatever firmness choice (or options) you choose, the Sleeping Duck Mattress provides great back support. A pocket spring structure (known as the “Motherboard”) provides a solid feeling while allowing for good spinal alignment. A restless spouse should not be an issue since relationship disruption is at an absolute minimum.

Happy Sleep:

The HappySleep Mattress features a Tencel cover that is highly ventilated and includes a smooth and soft surface. This cover is placed on top of a layer of memory foam & natural latex to provide support. Although its comfort layer seems to be thick, it provides excellent pressure relief. It gently absorbs the body’s weight, and we did not notice any unpleasant sinking or dipping when testing it.

Based on our tests, our team determined that it has a “medium-firm feel” with a firmness rating of 7.5 / 10 on a 10-point scale (with 10 being the firmest). Please keep in mind that our hardness ratings are just intended to serve as a reference and do not always correlate to comfort.

The HappySleep Mattress’s comfort layers are placed on top of a strong support foundation layer for maximum support. This item feels substantial and provides enough support in all sleeping positions. It should be able to accommodate individuals of all shapes and sizes.

However, despite the fact that the HappySleep Mattress has a simple design, it should be adequate for the majority of budget-conscious customers. Construction quality is generally acceptable, and partner disruption is low. A bit of insufficient edge support, but it remains within acceptable bounds for a foam mattress in general.

This mattress comes with a generous 100-night trial period, as well as a 10-year guarantee on the materials and workmanship. Not to mention that CertiPUR-US, one of the world’s top experts in foam testing, has verified that all of the foam layers in this mattress are non-toxic.

Body Type Analysis


Sleeping Duck: - Happy Sleep: Weight & bounce disturbance are distributed equally across the HappySleep mattress, which is intended to offer the greatest pressure relief available on the market. It is capable of supporting two persons weighing up to 150kg apiece.


Size Sleeping Duck Happy Sleep
TWIN $799 $739
TWIN XL $899 $799
FULL $1149 $899
QUEEN $1499 $999
KING $1,599 $1199

Review Verdict

Both mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. As a client, it is ultimately up to you to make your final choice. Purchasing a mattress is an investment that will last a lifetime; thus, make an informed choice. Don’t be concerned! In any case, we have your back and will be there to assist you no matter what choice you make.

Sleeping Duck Mattress and Happy Sleep mattress and Emma Mattress have their respective pros and cons. Therefore, it is for you to decide which mattress to choose. To get a better idea about these products, refer to their respective reviews available on our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cover for the Sleeping Duck Mattress?

The Sleeping Duck is covered in a natural bamboo fabric that is breathable, smooth, and antimicrobial—ideal for the changing bedroom climate. Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular among the health-conscious because it is a terrific natural fiber with a low environmental impact. Most modern brands are at the very least considering how to incorporate it into their manufacturing where it makes sense.

Is a Base Required for a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress can be used on any flat, firm surface. If you're utilizing a slatted base, the gap between the slats should be less than 8 cm, according to Sleeping Duck. The reason for this is that the pocket springs require support to work properly, and any gaps larger than 8 cm will leave a significant number of springs unsupported, hurting the mattress's comfort and life.

Is there a smell to a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

Yes, there is a scent associated with the mattress at first, but it normally goes away after a few nights.