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Last Modified: 09 Nov 2021
120 Nights Sleep Trial 30 days 10-year Warranty 10-year Free Shipping Free Returns Free Gift $750-$1250 Price Range $739-$1099

Design & Construction

Happy Sleep

The Layers of the HappySleep Mattress

When it comes to the HappySleep review, it all comes down to the layers.

From top to bottom, there are four layers.

The top of the cover is made of Tencel

Tencel, a light, cooling, and soft fabric, makes up the top layer.

Tencel’s unique characteristics include:

In comparison to cotton, it is far more breathable.

Is it bacteriostatic by nature?

It is made from natural wood pulp.

This layer’s 3D hexagon pattern allows for optimal airflow, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Latex with a bouncy texture layer

The latex second comfort layer, which has been tried and true, lasts a long time.

This also releases pressure throughout your body by responding fast to the regions where you exert the most tension.

HappySleep’s cover top, which comes with a Tencel covering top, has a perforated layer of latex to keep you cool while you sleep.

The Air Memory Foam layer is the top layer

As you sleep, this layer uniformly distributes your body weight across the mattress, delivering the finest pain relief available.

This coating’s composition, too, is designed to limit partner disruption by preventing motion transfer.

Base Layer Support

The mattress’s topmost layer

The high-density supporting foundation for HappySleep can be found here.

This layer is designed to last several years and prolong the life of the mattress.

Covered base with a non-slip surface

If you move around on your mattress, this will not roll around on the floor.

Koala Mattress

Materials for Mattresses

The Koala mattress’s cover is constructed of the following materials:

70 percent polyester, 30 percent TENCEL make up the cover top.

The fabric on the cover side and the underside is 100 percent polyester.

Layers in a Mattress

So, what is the composition of the Koala mattress?

The mattress has two layers underneath the cover.

Kloudcell is on top (comfort layer)

The open-cell foam architecture of this layer is one of its most notable features:

It’s a 6cm thick layer.

Polyurethane foam is used to make this product.

Pressure is absorbed.

Is made to allow air to flow freely throughout the mattress.

Allows the mattress’s heat to escape.

Zero partner disturbance Koala mattress technology

The second layer is the mattress’s Eco foam support layer, which consists of the following components:
  • Is a 16-centimeter thick ultra-resilient foam
  • Ensures the mattress’s lifespan
  • The mattress is made up of only two pieces of foam, which is quite disappointing when compared to other mattresses on the market.

Firmness & Feel

Happy Sleep

Changing the Firmness of Your Mattress

There are two firmness levels in the mattress: medium and firm.


Remove the cover and flip the upper two layers over it for more security and a better sleeping sensation, unless the top surface isn’t solid enough.


The mattresses are well-rounded, with a designed blend of layers tailored to fit a variety of sleep styles and postures.

We assigned firmness ratings to the mattresses based on the weight distribution among the layers:

  • This is a six out of ten on a scale of one to ten.
  • There is a moderate amount of stiffness.
  • This is a seven out of ten on a scale of one to ten.
There is a weight limit on the HappySleep Mattress

Total weight of 300 kg can be supported by the HappySleep mattress.

It can accommodate two persons weighing up to 150kg apiece.

Koala Mattress

The firmness of the Koala Mattress

Is The Koala Mattress Too Firm? How Firm Is The Koala Mattress?

We rated the mattress a 6.5/10 firmness rating, with 10 being exceptionally firm.

However, after about 6 months, the mattress may begin to lose its firmness and sag.

In our review part below, we’ll go through this in greater depth.

Weight Limit for Koala Mattresses

Although the Koala mattress doesn’t specify a weight limit, we wouldn’t recommend a weight of more than 200kg or 100kg per person based on customer reviews from the past 6 to 18 months.

The high-density support foam with kloudcell foam up can sleep like a baby koala sleeping duck mattress here. The foam layers of the koala mattresses and even the mattress design with pocket springs have soft mattress options for you with zero disturbance technology. Remember this mattress with sleeping duck offers for a restful sleep is also a good environmental choice in Australia.

Other Factors to Consider

Consider these factors before purchasing a HappySleep mattress.

Where should the HappySleep mattress be placed?

Any level, the stable surface will do.

Slats that are 10cm apart or fewer qualify as a bed base or frame.

You can simply set the mattress on the floor if you prefer.

Keep the following in mind if you decide to do so:
  • If there is dampness on the ground where you live, mold will grow on the mattress.
  • As a result, placing the mattress in this position is not a wise decision.
  • There is no physical site for the company, and there are no stockists.
  • You can test the mattress in the comfort of your own home if you choose.
  • You can do so with the assurance of a 100-night free trial.
  • If we didn’t take a close look at HappySleep’s night trial, our review of the mattress would be incomplete.
  • You’ll have 100 nights to decide if the mattress is perfect for you after receiving it.
  • If you decide not to keep the mattress, simply contact the HappySleep staff and they will issue a complete refund.
It’s critical to remember:
  • If you want to return the mattress, it must be in good shape and free of stains and tears.
  • If you don’t take care of the mattress, you won’t be able to return it.
  • A 100-night trial will be unavailable in some isolated places.
  • Give the staff a call if you live in one of these areas and aren’t sure if you’ll be protected.
  • The duration of the trial period is kept to a bare minimum.
  • You should let your new mattress at least a week to adjust before making a decision, as it may take some time for you to acclimate.
  • You must keep the mattress for at least one month before receiving it before deciding if it is right for you.


Size Happy Sleep Koala Mattress
TWIN $739 $750
TWIN XL $799 $850
FULL $899 $950
QUEEN $999 $1050
KING $1099 $1250

Review Verdict

Mattresses are on sale at HappySleep.

You may also check at the entire HappySleep mattress discounts in addition to the online coupons:

  • Black Friday is celebrated on October 13th.
  • “Cyber Monday” is the day following Thanksgiving.
  • Christmas

Discount codes and coupons for Koala mattresses are occasionally available.

Keep this in mind:

Promo codes are occasionally applied automatically at checkout when purchasing a Koala mattress.

Sale on Koala Mattresses

Here are a few Koala mattress offers to keep an eye out for, albeit they aren’t always available:
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These are some of the most popular Koala mattress sale times and dates:
  • Valentine’s Day sale at Koala
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  • Black Friday Koala Mattress
  • Boxing Day deal on Koala mattresses
  • There are also more sporadic offers, such as the 15% Mates Rates sale (27 March 2020).


Happy Sleep Mattress and Koala Mattress have their respective pros and cons. Therefore, it is for you to decide which mattress to choose. To get a better idea about these products, refer to their respective reviews available on our site.