Koala vs Ergoflex

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Last Modified: 09 Nov 2021
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Design & Construction


First, there’s a Tencel woven outer cover that’s removable and machine washable.

Following that, there’s a micro-fine inner cover.

After you get past the covers, you’ll notice a layer of visco-elastic memory foam.

After that, you’ll encounter a Cool-Sleep airflow layer.

Finally, a high-resilience foam base will support you.


On the outside, there’s a detachable and washable outer cover made of 70% polyester and 30% Tencel.

The interior cover is made entirely of polyester.

The top layer is open-cell Kloudcell foam, which is breathable.

The ultra-resilient Eco foam support layer can be found by raising up the bottom.

Firmness & Feel

Ergoflex vs. Koala in terms of comfort, firmness, and feel

The Ergoflex and Koala mattresses have a comparable hardness level, 6/10 and 6.5/10 on the —undoubtedly subjective—mattress firmness respectively, scale, thus they should suit a wide spectrum of sleepers: front, back, or side. The variation here is in the materials used by each manufacturer. While Ergoflex’s viscoelastic memory foam plus high-resilience foundation provides a safe, unmoving, and superbly supported night’s sleep, Koala’s Kloudcell foam layer adds bounce and reactivity. Make no mistake: Koala’s mattress will provide support, but it’s a far more balanced option than Ergoflex’s concentrated, pressure-relieving design, which specializes in orthopedic support.

The “Goldilocks Zone” supplied by Koala is likely to be preferred by the ordinary sleeper: not too soft, nor too firm. The Ergoflex mattress, on the other hand, maybe the best option for those suffering from back pain, joint pain, circulation issues, or fibromyalgia.

Sleeper Type Analysis

Back Sleeper

Back Sleeper


It will have good hip support and spine alignment. Regarding foam mattresses, none of these solutions provides dedicated edge support in the form of reinforced spring and extra firm foam, for instance. This is not to say they're bad at it, but individuals who have trouble getting out of bed (or, God forbid, tumbling out of bed) may find themselves underserved here.

Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper


They will get shoulder and hip pressure relief and proper back alignment. When we go into the world of motion isolation, things get a lot better, especially with the Ergoflex mattress. The firm Eco foam bottom layer of the Koala mattress provides more-than-acceptable motion isolation, however, the Ergoflex gets to keep the championship belt owing to the tag-team of visco-elastic memory foam and a high-density foam base. It's fantastic.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper


Koala Mattress will provide a peaceful undisturbed sleep to their customers. both of these mattresses (Koala and Ergoflex) are designed to keep you comfortable in hot and humid Australian nights, thanks to open-cell foams and naturally breathable Tencel coverings. The Ergoflex mattress, on the other hand, goes a step further. How? It all comes down to the Cool-Sleep ventilation layer, which disperses your body heat throughout the mattress. In terms of mattresses, it's very high-tech; we're amazed.

Other Factors to Consider

Service to Customers (Guarantee, Delivery Returns, and more.)


  • From $19.99 for next-day delivery
  • Returns are always free.
  • Sagging of 2.5cm or greater is covered by a 10-year warranty.
  • Risk-free 30-day trial ( mattress can be returned only after the 21st night)


  • Delivery is free across Australia (in 4 hours within metro areas)
  • Returns are always free.
  • Sagging of 2.5cm or greater is covered by a 10-year warranty.
  • Risk-free trial for 120 nights (return anytime)

When it comes to warranties, it’s also worth mentioning that Ergoflex is the only mattress-in-a-box firm that has been around long enough to put its guarantee term to the test, having been started in 2006. It hasn’t failed, to say the least!

Owner Satisfaction at Ergoflex

While looking for a new mattress, excellent customer satisfaction numbers are a great place to start. Based on our research of online customer data, customers give these topics high marks. These mattresses are comfortable for sleepers, and they have had positive experiences with the brand. Continue reading to see if one of those mattresses is a good fit for your physique!

Supportiveness of Ergoflex

These mattresses provide excellent support. The hips and shoulders are supported, and the spine is properly oriented, according to sleepers.

Support on the Outside

These mattresses are also competitive in terms of edge support, which refers to how supportive a mattress is on its edges. These mattresses should keep things comfortable for folks who like to sit or lay near to the edge of the mattress.

Density and Bowling Ball Tests

It’s a good measure of firmness to place a bowling ball on your mattress, and it’s also useful to see how the dip it makes changes across the mattress. As a result, it can reveal whether there is any resistance or whether some sections are sagging. These mattresses are evenly distributed and should provide adequate support for most sleepers’ spines.

Durability of Ergoflex

Investing in a long-lasting mattress can save you a lot of money. And this explains why mattress consumers place such a high value on durability. However, not every brand understands the shopper’s desire. Despite this, good brands continue to create excellent items. When it comes to durability, these mattresses are highly regarded. For persons with normal builds, these mattresses could last up to a decade. Those that are bulkier may have a modest advantage in terms of time.


Size Koala Mattress Ergoflex Mattress
TWIN $750 $949

Review Verdict

The Bottom Line

Either Ergoflex and Koala have welcomed competitors mostly in Australian mattress-in-a-box competition, each offering a unique take on an all-foam mattress. Ergoflex provides superior pressure relief as well as unrivaled motion isolation (for the price that is). With Koala, you get a blend of supports and responsiveness that won’t fit people with severe pain difficulties but will definitely suit a larger group of non-ailed sleepers. You can also feel good regarding your Koala purchase because of the corporate sustainability focus!

Comparing Ergoflex and Koala Mattresses

You’re a busy person who has a lot of things to do and individuals to see. We understand! Here’s a quick rundown of the primary differences between these two mattresses:


The Koala mattress provides a well-balanced sleeping experience with plenty of bounce and responsiveness. Ergoflex, but at the other contrary, is known for its contoured memory foam that gives excellent pressure relief.

Environmental Awareness

As a B Corp, the Koala company is a strong supporter of the environment, collaborating with the WWF, making donations 1% of all profits to environmental charities, and making a donation its returned mattresses to the charitable organizations (or else recycling them). Ergoflex can’t compete on this front, despite the fact that they both use the resources sustainably Tencel.


Your Preference!

You can choose any of the memory foam mattress types for delivering deep restorative sleep. The best mattress for you is a premium mattress that allows you to have a restful sleep even when you have a restless sleeping partner. You can also choose a spring mattress if that is what you prefer. The mattress performance also matters and also the size such as a queen mattress.

With the information above make your choice!