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Last Modified: 09 Nov 2021
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Design & Construction

Ecosa Mattress

Three-dimensional mesh and Tencel fabric are used to construct the mattress’ outer cover. This cover seems to be of high quality and is obviously well ventilated. This permeable cover should improve baby breathing and aid in the control of the child’s body temperature.

This cover is also detachable and machine washable, making it simple to maintain it looking its best. The cover can be removed with relative ease, and the zip mechanism is sturdy and smooth.

This cover protects Ecosa’s woven NestflowTM Core, which is constructed of food-grade polypropylene and is a key component of the Ecosa system. Neither latex nor adhesives are used in the construction of its inner core. This is in contrast to most conventional cot mattresses, which rely on innerspring or foam for their primary support structure.

This braided core is made up of two distinct sections. You can change the hardness of the mattress as your child develops, making it the first ‘adjustable’ cot mattress we have come across.

The first (and denser) piece is the more solid of the two pieces of wood. This is intended to be put on top of your baby’s crib during the first few months of their existence. To provide a little additional comfort as your baby develops, you may layer the second (thinner) piece on top of the first one.

Like the 3D Mesh and Tencel cover, this nest core promotes great air circulation throughout the nest. It is also machine washable, which allows you to get rid of dust mites, allergies, and other germs from your home.

In the context of newborn health, this high degree of ventilation (as well as cleanliness) is significant. SIDS (Sudden New-born Death Syndrome) and poor infant health are linked to risk factors, and this novel design may assist in reducing those risks to a minimum.

Hugo Sleep:

It was important to the Hugo mattress designers to use high-quality materials throughout their construction. It has an extra layer of transitional foam underneath its memory foam, which most other mattresses do not provide. Aside from being more comfortable than many other mattresses available, Hugo also relieves pressure spots and cradles the spine better.

A total of four foam layers makes up the Hugo mattress, each of which works in concert with the others to adjust to the sleeper’s preferred resting position. The specifics are as follows:

Cover Layer: The woven cover is tailored to suit the mattress precisely and allows for excellent ventilation and moisture-wicking properties.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 15mm of high-quality latex, and the second is 15mm latex. If you’ve never slept on latex before, it offers a refreshing bounce & responsiveness, rather than clinging or sinking like memory foam, which may be uncomfortable.

Layer 3: A 30mm memory foam layer serves as the third comfort layer, collaborating with the latex layer above to create a precisely medium level of softness. This layer aids in the relief of pressure spots and allows for seamless adjustment to your sleeping posture.

Layer 4: The 3rd pleasure layer is 50mm of transitional foam that creates an imperceptible transition between the softer layers and the bottom support layer. There will be greater pressure point alleviation, but the spine & back support will not be compromised.

Layer 5: Last but not least, the support layer, which is 150mm thick and made of high-density foam, is added. This firm foam provides the mattress with structure and helps to reinforce the mattress’s excellent spine support.

Firmness & Feel

Ecosa Mattress:

With the Ecosa Cot Mattress cover & mattress core together, it is possible to provide an optimum mix of support & pressure relief for babies and toddlers. Based on our testing, our experts determined that it has a ‘firm’ feel, which is the hardness level that we suggest for babies. It is important to note that this mattress complies with the Australian Standard for Firmness (Baby Goods): AS/NZS 8811.1-2013, which is applicable to infant products.

Not unexpectedly, our experts assigned this mattress an 8.5 out of 10 firmness rating to it.

Hugo Mattress:

Overall Convenience

Because of the mix of foams utilized in this mattress, it proves to be one of the most comfortable foam mattresses available. It is most beneficial for people who sleep on their sides or their backs since it will perform an excellent job of alleviating strain from the hips and shoulders.


Take a look at our chart of firmness in the image above. Despite being somewhat firmer than medium, this mattress falls within the universal comfort zone. The majority of consumers will find this to be comfortable, however, those who are bigger or want a firmer mattress may do better with a different product.

Cradling the spine and easing pressure points are two of the many benefits of using this mattress. This mattress should be beneficial for the majority of ordinary and smaller-sized sleepers in terms of spinal alignment aggravations.


For the majority of sleepers, the cover and the top layer of latex will keep them comfortably cool while they sleep. Latex is a naturally breathable substance that allows any excess heat to be released.


Size Ecosa Hugo Sleep
TWIN $440 $695
FULL $560 $895
QUEEN $600 $995
KING $480 $795
CAL KING $580 $1095

Review Verdict

Both mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. As a client, it is ultimately up to you to make your final choice. Purchasing a mattress is an investment that will last a lifetime; thus, make an informed choice. Don’t be concerned! In any case, we have your back and will be there to assist you no matter what choice you make.

Ecosa Mattress and Hugo Mattress have their respective pros and cons. Therefore, it is for you to decide which mattress to choose. To get a better idea about these products, refer to their respective reviews available on our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shipping service provided by Ecosa free of charge?

They ship promptly and at no additional charge across Australia for your convenience! You may find out when your items will arrive by just entering your address on the internet; in certain metropolitan locations, same-day delivery is possible.

Is there a discount for referring a friend to Ecosa?

They do provide a special discount specifically for referring your friends: just get your unique code and share it with your friends, and both of you will receive a year of ecosaperks for free if they purchase a mattress from them. If you place another purchase after that, you'll be eligible for even greater discounts!

Is there a welcome offer from Ecosa that I should know about?

When you join up for Ecosa's newsletter, you'll get a fantastic welcome offer in your email inbox. When you join up for their membership, you will get a $200 discount on mattresses and bed bases, as well as a 20 percent discount on everything else. If you would like additional information or to take advantage of this great offer, please visit the Ecosa website.

What is the most effective method of obtaining a discount at Ecosa?

Ecosa discounts are available in a number of different forms. For mattresses, pillows, toppers, and other products from Ecosa, visit their coupon section on their website to save money on your purchase. You may also join up for their email list to get exclusive offers and promotions. To conclude, keep checking our website for the most up-to-date Ecosa coupons and deals.

How long will it take Hugo to return to his original size once he has been taken from the box?

Hugo bloats more quickly than a lactose intolerant person who consumes cheesecake after he is taken out of the box. In other words, he will grow to about 90% of his original size in a minute, with the remaining 10% taking a few hours.

Was wondering what kind of bed frame I should get for my room?

It is essential that Hugo has a solid flat surface to flourish. Slats from a bed, an ensemble foundation, or your best friend's living room floor are all viable choices.

When compressed mattresses are unwrapped, I've heard they may emit an odor. Is this true?

The odor is caused by the expansion of a compressed foam-based mattress foundation. Hugo is manufactured in Australia; therefore, it does not remain compressed for an extended period of time. If you compare it to a product that has been imported from another country, it has a faint "new car scent." If you notice a faint odor once Hugo has been taken out of the box, open the windows and let the air circulate. It will disappear in a short time.

What should I do with the old mattress that I no longer use?

Please contact us! We can assist you in identifying a charitable organization or recycling program in your region that will accept your old sleeper.